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Did you think that life after college was going to be all work meeting bagels with lox, fancy business suits and a fully stocked bar in your apartment? Ahhhhh, what beautiful daydreams and I truly believe that you can amount to anything. However, let me be the the millionth person to tell you; welcome to the real world as a post grad, where your degree doesn't matter and you will never have enough money to recreate your fantasy.
So let me tell you the top 5 things I found out very quickly as a post grad. There is only 5 because I am sure sometime next week I'll get slapped across the face with another reality that I just don't want to accept yet.
Woooooooo, adulthood!
1. Day Drinking is no longer acceptable
Gone are the college days where you can skip class to funnel beers at 10:30am. Now that you either should have a job or should be searching for one, drinking at any point of the day really doesn't fly anymore. Post Grad etiquette dictates that you wait till at least after 5pm, maybe even till dinner, to have a beer or some wine. Unless its the weekend, getting blackout it usually frowned upon.
In the words of my mother, "don't you think it's time you grow up?" Harsh.
2. Grocery Shopping
I bet your never thought you were going to miss your meal plan did you? The dining hall provided anything you could ever need besides alcohol. But now you have to go grocery shopping yourself. You think because your now an adult so you should eat like one. Until you realize how fucking expensive everything is! Beef might as well be sprinkled with flecks of gold thats how must it cost. People may demand you act like an adult but you certainly can't eat like one.
I would recommending checking out cool ways to make ramen. It really is the most cost efficient. Also so is pregamming. Just a pro-tip.
3. You are now a morning person...forever
So you finally get a job, YAYYY, I am so happy for you. You start waking up at 6-7am to get to work. You think in your head this isn't that bad, I can do this for a while. But then it hits you. Now that you are out of school, and no longer in control of when you think your day should start (after noon worked best for me) this whole waking up early thing has no end in sight.
Waking up early "food a while" now becomes the next 40 years of your life.
4. Sweats are no longer acceptable
Speaking of waking up at the most ungodly also have to dress up in the morning! Even in the most casual work environment sweats, pajamas or the shorts your wore to bed the night before will not fly in the office. Kiss those days of rolling out of bed a minute before class good bye. You now need to at least look put together, even if you have no idea what the hell is going on.
5. You do what you want
Yeah, graduating and entering the real world sucks. But it also ROCKS! You don't have to go to classes that you don't care about, do homework that doesn't matter and listen to every little thing your parents say. You now have a job, make your own money which means you can pretty much do whatever you want. And while the independence does come with a price, its so worth it. You may always be broke but you will always have enough money to manage to do everything you want. And no one can stop you.
Your post grad years are the best in your life. You have money, you're legal to do just about everything and your still young enough to get away with (almost anything! So enjoy!
I'm still getting used to the early mornings, but I sort of like being a morning person these days. The part I HATE is being the person that goes to bed before midnight!
@poojas i know right!!! i guess waking up early every day will eventually pay off when I can live it up on the weekends doing whatever my heart desires lol
I'm not sure I'll ever come to terms with #3 (night owl + morning person = not a good combo) but I'm pretty pumped for #5. ^_^
I'm a teen in her last year of highschool. This is really going to be helpful in my future thank you for the great advice! Much appreciated. Got anymore Tips I can look at? @LizArnone
@LizArnone That does sound pretty good! Just another year till I hit the "real world" haha
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