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Have you heard? Low carbs, no carbs, all the hype about carbs. A plethora of "this is the perfect diet" plans can be confusing when looking to manage diabetes, lose weight or simply keep to healthy eating. Please be aware, our bodies need carbs (in addition to protein and healthy fats). But many of us can easily over do it because carbs are, well, so tasty.

Eat This, Then That

New research has indicated what carb lovers can cheer about -- you don't have to ditch all carbs. What? Simply change the order you eat specific foods at meals. Now, I won't get into types of carbs or ratios in comparison to protein and fats because this post and research is about setting yourself up for success in your healthy eating journey. If you take enough baby steps, you'll end up walking into a huge life change. Slowly but surely. In a small study, researchers concluded participants were able to successfully manage insulin spikes at three time intervals by: 1. Eating vegetables and proteins BEFORE eating carbs. What does this mean? Save that steamy roll for last. Researchers compared findings of the two-week study, which included having participants eat carbs first and then everything else after 15 minutes during the first week. The second week, participants ate protein and veggies first, then carbs 15 minutes later. Glucose measurements were taken at 30, 60 and 120 minutes post meal.

Their Findings:

"Glucose levels proved to be much lower at the 30-, 60- and 120-minute checks, by 29 percent, 37 percent and 17 percent, when vegetables and protein were eaten before the carbohydrates, researchers said."
Now, I don't know about you, but I can't think of many people who wait 15 minutes before continuing with the rest of their meal. I'd like to see research where normal eating habits, such as eliminating the 15 mintue wait between consuming carbs and protein with veggies. I wonder if the results would differ, and by how much, if so.
Are you up for a food challenge? If so, try changing the order you eat your food. Oh yes, portion sizes still matter. *Wink*


SO MANY INTERNET HIGH FIVES. I totally agree with you. I've always believed that being knowledgeable about glucose index levels and just the idea of mindful nutritional healing is pretty much integral. My mother was a dietician, and she'd always tell me "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
You said it!! @danidee Preventive measures with proper nutrition (+ exercise) are vitally important. Ahh...where's a high-five when you need one? :) This is definitely a challenge to strengthen self-control.
Ooh, this is a really interesting challenge. Especially since so many of us spring for things like dinner rolls and breadsticks when it comes time to sit down and eat. I really like the idea of nutritionally working to balance my glucose levels over any type of prescriptive means too! Knowing a lot more information about nutritional healing will save you a lot of doctor's bills in the long run lol.
I tend to leave the carbs for last because I KNOW I'll try to go for seconds or thirds. If I start the meal with a roll, I'll probably want to end my meal with it too. Saving it for last means I'll probably eat less too.
Your mother taught you well! I believe that too. *High-Five* @danidee
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