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It was a cute show. Jessica Alba learned about her Chicano roots, Tina Fey learned about her Greek immigrant past. And we all said “awww" to the American Dream of our past. But do we really want to know our family history? What if it meant being linked to a slave-owner or a previous Nazi?
PBS television show “Finding Your Roots” showcased the background of celebrities, Ben Affleck should've said "no thanks!" After his episode, Wikileaks released information that Affleck's history was linked to a former slave-owner...And got PBS to leave that information out.
So why is it such a big deal? Because PBS smeared and shifted their material to leave out something about Ben Affleck, and censored it mostly because Ben Affleck told them not to.
“We’ve never had anyone ever try to censor or edit what we found,” Mr. Gates wrote to a Sony executive, Michael Lynton, in July 2014. Mr. Gates added that this would violate PBS rules, and “once we open the door to censorship, we lose control of the brand.”
Ops. That’s not the picture they are painting by leaving critical information about an actor’s past...
Sometimes we don’t alway have the greatest past, but wasn’t this a solid opportunity to educate their audience and learn from a personal example? I don’t think Ben Affleck is a lesser person because of his family history, but now I kinda think he’s crappy for persuading producers to hide information.
PBS is now postponing another season of “Finding Your Roots” and is looking to add a fact checker to their staff...(facepalm)
Haha the ol’ “Celebrities are real people” debate. I believe they are robots and should therefore be better at real life than the rest of us... ;)
@nicolejb he wouldn't have... But he panicked lol. I feel that we all sometimes panic... It's just that when u r famous, ur panic moments become big problems lol
I see what you mean @Goyo. I mean it is really awful personal info but he definitely wouldn’t have lost his reputation as a good actor had he disclosed it. He’s still crazy famous even after all this!
It's hard... I can see why Affleck would be worried about that. I don't think he handled it correctly but I can understand why he screwed up...
@nicolejb well yea... duh. Thats why people love them! I mean who in the world doesn't love robots??!