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Attention Inspirits! Infinite will be joining the long list of 2015 summer comebacks!
They are almost done with the prep for their mid-July comeback. And they are planning on their second world tour following the comeback!
Does this mean I might finally have a chance at going to an Infinite concert?
Woollim entertainment also made a statement regarding Infinite's new concept.
"They will be showing a brand new image, unlike anything they have shown before. Please look forward to it.”
I have no idea what the concept will be but I'm excited to see these adorable dorks again!
We've seen some of the members in dramas and solo promotions, but I am SO EXCITED for a group comeback! And to see them on Weekly Idol again (You NEED to watch their Weekly Idol appearances, it's absolutely hilarious)! ^_^
Any of you guys freaking out about this comeback like I am? Reaching out to the Infinite community @Ttwigo @makestar @shashae5296 @PassTheSuga @justmellys @casiegarza0330 @AraceliJimenez @WiviDemol @kyojejung @geLLiebean @StephanieDuong @MayraGrijalva (Sorry if I missed any Infinite fans!)
@PassTheSuga It REALLY is! And awww, now she has some great news!!! I'm sure teasers for the comeback will be coming soon! ^_^
WAE????? is this really true?! Lol my sister was so crushed the other day because she read an article that the teaser images they we're releasing were for the tour and not for a comeback (๑•́₋•̩̥̀๑) Bahhhh if this is true she's gonna be so psyched!
@adikiller Yes, it is for real! Their May comeback got pushed back because of a solo promotion! But you will be seeing them next month forsure!!! GET READY!!! XD
is this for real? please tell me it's really happening I waited for their comeback in May but they didn't :'( I hope its for real this time! Aigoo im getting butterflies now! INFINITE IS COMING BACK! (hopefully) aaaahhhhhh this is too much excitement! I dont know what im gonna do when they finally have their comeback
yay~ the baes are back! I've waited for soo long. And it's true what you said, we get to see them on weekly idol which is part of the reason why I love them coming back :D
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