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Happy Thursday SNL fans! Last night, Seth Meyers brought Amy Poehler on his late show to perform their famous SNL segment, Really?!?! Not only is it awesome to see the duo back together again for their incredulous segment, they're commenting on some pretty ridiculous news.
Seth will give you a little more context, but essentially, a Sports Illustrated writer made some mysoginistic comments about women's sports on Twitter.
Amy and Seth couldn't just let him get away with this! They attacked his absurd and old-fashioned attitude, while pointing out the worthwhile aspects of women's sports.
I would also like to see this Andy Benoit fellow up against Serena Williams, maybe Seth can arrange that in his next late night segment.
It appears that Really?!? had some impact on the ignorant sports writer, who has since apologized for his stupidity.
Thanks Amy and Seth!!!
Omg, this is the most amazing thing. This is so amazing that I don't even know what I want to comment on. Amy's brown hair. The Sports Illustrated digs. The fact that Seth and Amy are together. So much love.
@danidee yes it's amazingness is overwhelming. Her brown hair!!!! That was my favorite part, she looks so great