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Let me start this card off by saying that I have pretty bad taste in movies. I like pretty much everything that I see, from horrible 80s horror movies to Ukrainian films with no dialogue for 2 hours (seriously, go see The Tribe) You've been warned.
I've also already told you that I don't like barbecues, so the best place to find me on the fourth of July is on my couch watching any one of these seven films:

Independence Day

It depicts the absolutely 100% true story of an alien invasion and America's military response, led by Will Smith. There are explosions, Will Smith, a cute dog, Will Smith, Elvis references, and you get to see the inside of Area 51. Are you telling me you don't think this is the best film ever made? Don't even get me started on the fact that Independence Day 2 is coming out.
And Will Smith is in it!


Because what is more American than gathering around the tube to cry about a hockey team? Nothing, that's what. I have never seen a hockey game in my entire life and this movie still gets me every time.

The Patriot

I'm just throwing this in there because my dad would be pretty mad if I didn't. You can't go wrong with part-time Jesus, part-time Braveheart Mel Gibson acting out our country's bloody history. Freedom, glory, red white and blue, you know the drill!

Air Bud

The original. None of this dogs playing soccer or volleyball crap. I'm talking about the rip-your-heart-out American classic that is Air Bud. Why is it patriotic? Because WHAT OTHER COUNTRY HAS A GOLDEN RETRIEVER THAT CAN PLAY BASKETBALL?!

Saving Private Ryan

Wrong war for the 4th of July but still a good choice. It doesn’t so much brag about the U.S. but rather demonstrates what American troops had to go through while fighting in WWII. This isn't about making the U.S. look like a righteous nation, but a nation of people that look after one another.
You can also just choose any movie with Tom Hanks in it. He's basically the American that every American should strive to be.

American Werewolf in London

Did you know in the 1980s Americans took down the British again? Cause we did - in the form of one super creepy werewolf attempting to hide out in a flat somewhere in London. A classic that shows Americans at their best. Hairy monsters that scare the crap out of Europeans.

Back to the Future II

Aka the best Back to the Future. It shows how America should be in 2015 (where is my hover board?) but also how good old fashioned American values are the best. Marty McFly is innocent, honest, and just down-right groovy.