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Mason jars are the cutest. Of all the recent "hipster" home trends, they're the one that delights me most. They're just packed with country charm and down-on-the-farm practicality. Plus they're perfectly-sized, airtight, reusable containers, and because they're glass, they're 1) way cuter than and 2) way better for the planet than Tupperware.
Check out all these cool, creative ways to use mason jars and be inspired!
As a refillable sugar container, complete with pour spout! Keep this next to the coffee maker for some old-school diner charm.
As a match holder! It's way cuter than the standard matchbox. Cut out a circle of sandpaper for a strikable lid. Cut a small hole to make your matches more accessible! It's a perfect way to keep matches close at hand and easy to use.
As a rustic iced coffee (or tea) cup. This specially-made one fits into cupholders, too! On sale for less than $10 on Etsy.
As a lovely vehicle for homemade salads! Check out my guide to crafting the perfect jar salad here.
As a cocktail shaker! This 4-piece $29 set is available from the Brooklyn-based Mason Shaker.
As baking dishes for adorable mini-pies! (Or perfectly sized dinner rolls, or fruit crisps, or cheesecake-in-a-jar... the possibilities are endless.) Find tons of cute jar dessert ideas here.
As gorgeous glitter-dipped centerpieces, vases, or shelf ornaments. Tutorial at Lilyshop.
To make orange-infused vinegar – a homemade, green cleaning product. Stuff a 16 oz. mason jar with orange peels (or clementine, lime, or lemon peels). Fill with white vinegar. Store in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks. At the end of that time, you'll be left with good-smelling vinegar. Simply pour into a spray bottle, dilute with water (a 1:1 ratio), and clean away! More detail here.
Thanks for checking it out, @Miadollerina! :D Mason jar salads are maybe my FAVORITE lunch of all time. Be sure to put the dressing on the bottom and the leaves on the top to avoid sogginess! You can see all my jar salad tips here, if you're interested :)
These are all neat. I really want to do the mason jar salad. I've seen an oatmeal mason jar, too. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for the link! Got it. @allischaaff
That's true! I'm such a hoarder of old jam jars too. They've been collecting dust at the top of my shelf for ages- maybe now I can justify keeping them!
@shannonl5 hahaha. I can relate. I found a HUGE purple bruise on my hip this morning, and have no idea where it came from – but it's definitely from clumsy ol' me walking into a table or something lol. Yeah, I thought the baking dish thing was so cool too!! I feel like that would work even better with old jam jars, something a little on the shorter side, because then it'd be easier to remove/eat after baking.
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