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Here is a rough translation of ch 90! Feel free to correct it if there's any mistake. Please don't use this translation without permission. If you like this please comment and discuss the chapter together :) Full translation + Raw Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: ------------------------------------------------------------ Pg 4-5 Can’t believe that I have witnessed the death of someone This cut was due to the fight with the robber just now How I wish to go back to the present generation, where Tomoe is, he is still waiting for me And I need to see the Demon King!   Pg 6-7 Nanami: “He would not come back anymore…” Yukiji asked Nanami what she was doing Nanami: Didn’t know that Tomoe left at the same time..wondered what happened between Yukiji and him   Pg 8 Nanami: It has been 3 months, I have been looking for someone..someone known as dark demon who lives up in the mountain..i have no time left…   Pg 9 Yukiji consoled Nanami that things are destined to be the way they are and they should restin the hotel   Pg 10 Yukiji always had the amazing ability to comfort people Why is Yukiji here? How was the arranged marriage with the rich guy in the town?    The rich guy? Do you mean the perverted old guy? Don’t talk to me about it. He pushed me away and so I stamped on him on the face.   Pg 11 However thanks to this matter, I will be getting married to another soon. I’m here to arrange for the wedding. Yukiji is getting married to a wealthy family.   Pg 12 The people celebrated for the wedding and the life ahead with Yukiji. Yukiji began to drink a lot…and fell aslp   Pg 17 Yukiji’s home was burnt by demons when she was young and had been left alone since..the marriage was agreed upon due to her beautiful looks and dignity Hope that Yukiji will be happy and blessed after having gone through so much pain   Pg 19 Recently I have been feeling lethargic. What is happening to me?   Pg 20 This is not like me at all. Where are you Demon King, I’m here for you!     Pg 21 Are you done fooling around? I heard that you have been troubled by love lately. Pg 22 - 23 Tomoe: Are you kidding? How could I be troubled over love. I told them the same brother would never fall for love. But you came at the right time. I heard that a beautiful lady is getting married at the town. Her name is Yukiji. I am curious about her and have already sent my men to bring her to me. Heard that the marriage is three days later, aren’t you interested to go, Tomoe? Tomoe: I’m not interested.  So I guess you would not mind what I did to her, right?   Pg 24 Tomoe; Yeah, I don’t mind.   Pg 25 Yukiji, where have you been? The groom’s side has already arrived. You are getting married tomorrow. You should clean yourself up. Nanami (the black figure): The mountain which little monster is staying at has turned dark. Little monster is no longer staying at the mountain.   Pg 26 I can’t get little monster out, I should find him personally, before the ground gets polluted. I have indeed committed a big mistake….What should I do to get to Grudgy mountain? Are you alright Nanami?   Pg 27 Nanami: Where is Yukiji? She’s taking a bath. Please don’t walk around by yourself,, the master is getting upset.   Pg 28 It’s a monster!   Pg 29 Old man: You belong to the Demon King, you cannot get married. Please reconsider, Yukiji can get killed if we offend the Demon King. Yukiji: If that’s the case, so be it then.   Pg 33 Nanami: For Yukiji, I shall risk myself and I’m going to pretend to be the bride tomorrow.  End of Ch 90 Next chapter will be out in Feb 5th 2013
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You welcome.
@pnhq wawwww, many thanks for this... i can't wait for next translation... thx again :)
Chapter 91 is up and out but I need it translated. Here is the chapter
@nursyahila haha you remind me of myself when i was in high school. manga comes first before studying XD
OMG! Awesome. Cant wait to for feb 5th to come. Thank you SO much for translating this series. FYI, i was suppose to study for final exam tonite but whatever... I cant miss out on this series. Studying comes after. Hahahaha *bows, closes browser, and starts study mode*
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