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Kim Kardashian is not one to sympathize for her brother, Rob.

He's been on a hiatus from the family for the past few months due to some tense family issues. Rob has gained over 100 pounds and looks obese leading the family to abandon him at this point. He refuses to talk to anyone even though they've offered him trainers, assistants, chefs, and a chauffeur so he doesn't have to be seen in public. Kim plays tough love while her mother Kris is besides herself. Kris has been seen on the show balling her eyes out to the stone faced Kim who doesn't give Rob any breaks. And even after all of the commotion, a new kind of progress has been made. Rob has tweeted Kim!
Here was the tweet that Kim posted that must have been enough to catch Rob's attention.
Rob tweets at her with a nice gesture, a rare exchange between the two.
However, it was somewhat ruined. Why? Because he then tweets at Kim again except this time quoting French Montana which is a bash at Khloé following her rough break up. Oh geez Rob... couldn't you just play nice for at least a moment?
Kim has refused contact with Rob since he posted a picture on Instagram with a caption that compared Kim to the 'b*tch from Gone Girl'.
Here's a video giving you a play by play of the social interaction by the siblings. Yikes!
When reports were claiming that Rob had went to a stint rehab, Kris Jenner stepped in posting this picture. It looks like Rob is still in contact with the family but some people think it's all smoke and mirrors.
Rob made his first RARE public appearance getting food with some of his friends last week.

Publicity stunt or is Rob to blame?