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Everyone can use a little pick me up during your workday. Check out these scintillating synth laden tracks to perk you up when you get that 2 o'clock feeling. Put these 5 tracks on repeat and get through your work day in one piece.

1. Metric- Breathing Underwater

This song soars lyrically, and utilizes synth extremely efficiently without overpowering the track. It's the perfect song to start with, because it'll ease you right into the rest of the playlist.

2. St. Vincent- Cruel

St. Vincent has a way of injecting the normal pop-formula with haunting lyrics and catchy melodies. Cruel is the song that will get you through the hardest part of your day.

3. The Killers- Spaceman

This song is as infectious as chicken pox in a classroom full of third graders. Spaceman's driving beat and space-age lyrics will keep you rocking well past noon.

4. Tokyo Police Club- Bambi

The opening of this song is brilliantly cosmic. It's a glittering synth-rock track that wakes me up every time I hear it. It'll wake you up too!

5. Lonely Town- Brandon Flowers

This is not a Killers track by any means. Brandon calls back to the '80s with this beat-heavy track. "I've been working overtime" is the first lyric, and I bet during the waning work day you'll feel it.
It's a few years old I think, but yeah they are a really solid act @danidee
Omg, I used to LOVE Tokyo Police Club, but I kind of stopped following them a while back. Is this song recent?
I'll have to czech outn their newer stuff. I haven't really listened since their debut stuff.