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Sure Broad City is full of mischief, laziness and profanity, but most importantly its a love story between two friends. Not in the stereotypical love story way, but in a subtle way that makes a statement about the true importance of positive female friendships.
Over the years I've been consistently disappointed by TV's portrayal of female friendships. When you've got Gossip Girl and 90210 advertising back-stabbing, judgmental and fake girls attempting to maintain a shallow friendship, role models are few and far between.
Broad City is in refreshing opposition to those shows. Abbi and Ilana support each other with loyalty and inside jokes. They're involved in pretty much every aspect of the other's life from apartment-hunting to online dating to just sitting in the park talking about what kind of dogs they would be.
Broad City, like every show, has a variety of plot lines and characters, but at the end of the day, Abbi and Ilana's friendship is the focus. Instead of the beauty-obsessed or career-obsessed women we might see in other series, Broad City is all about the friendship. I think the world needs more TV like this, centered around women who want to compliment, not criticize each other.
Broad City is all about female friends lifting each other up (both literally and figuratively) and I think that's great. While their substance abuse and vulgarity might not be entirely suitable for younger girls, I hope the messages surrounding the importance of a real, true best friend translates to a younger generation.