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We've all come to the conclusion that we love a fresh manicure.

There's no feeling that can be compared to the feeling of a fresh color on your nails -- okay, maybe there are a few. Manicures are a luxury and as women it's something that most of us have made a routine. Being pampered by a total stranger for a small fee isn't a bad feeling if you think about it.
The nail salon is a happy place, except when it comes to the waiting game. Whether you're waiting for your turn or waiting for your nails to dry -- it's never fun. This is where you have the choice of choosing your traditional mani or a gel mani. Gel has been on the come up for the last few years and although it is an extremely convenient option, is it really worth it?

Your traditional manicure has been around forever.

It's affordable and you have the option to choose almost any color under the sun. Although, a manicure can be affordable -- the drying process can be time consuming and if your nails don't dry fully, they can easily get messed up. Traditional manicures last anywhere from a few days to one week depending on how often you use your hands. For those ladies who have the luxury of getting a weekly manicure, this would probably be their best option.

The gel manicure can be a little pricier compared to your traditional.

Although that can be a con, there are several pros when it comes to gel manicures. Unlike your traditional manicure, when getting a gel manicure you have color options, but not always as many as you would when getting your traditional mani.
You don't have to wait around for your nails to dry when getting gel because the special uv lights allow your nails to dry within seconds -- which is extremely convenient. Compared to traditional manicures, gel manicures can last anywhere from two to three weeks depending on how good you take care of your nails, but the removal process can be rather strenuous.

You can compare the two manicures all day and find both pros and cons.

At the end of the day, it's more so a personal preference as to which option is preferred. There has been a lot of controversy as far as the uv lights used with gel manicures, so a lot of women have opted out of getting gel anymore. If you have the patience and the money than your traditional manicure would suit you best.
For those who don't have the patience, but have a little more money to spend, the gel manicure would probably be the option you prefer.