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Puck came crashing through the thick foliage of the darkening woods. His indignancy streamed off of him in nearly visible ribbons. Clutching the vial containing the juice of the love-in-idleness flower, Puck alighted upon the ground in a huff.
"Oberon, so mighty and tall. Oberon, so needy and dictative. Heed every call, my Puck, go forth for this or for that; to what ends needn't concern you, dear Puck."
Having agitated himself, Puck sparang up and kicked a nearby tree. The tree was fine, though Puck was suddenly struck with searing pain in his foot.
"Ah, gods above!"
Puck dropped the vial with the flower juice in it as he cradled his injured foot, hopping about on the good foot until he fell into a heap upon the ground. He looked all the world like a slapstick act of a comedy set.
Composing himself once more, he sat back down, less fired up.
"I mean really, how was I meant to know which Athenian was which? They all look the same to me as is! Big gawping humans with their clumsy foolishness. What's to give whether one loves another or what? What matter is it to Oberon? And still he expects me to deceive his sweet Titania. He who would pretend a care for love seeks delusions upon his own beloved."
At his own words Puck was given a clever thought.
"Ah! There's a clever Puck, there is! I might just have a mind to wait for the good Oberon to fall under sleep's hush, then sprinkle upon his eyes the juice of the flower! When he awakes to Titania he will be renewed with his devotions and forget all about this changeling nonsense! There's a good Puck!"
With that thought, Puck grabbed again the vial and bounded off in the direction of Titania, to tell her of his plans.