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Six years ago the world lost an icon in Michael Jackson. His impact on in the music and fashion world is sorely missed. While we saw Mike collaborate with many singers and rock stars, his joint ventures in the rap world were few and far between. With that being said, when the King Of Pop stepped into the rap world, he meant business. Below are five must hear Michael Jackson rap collaboration songs.
1- Micheal Jackson feat. Eve - Butterflies (Remix)
I love Eve's flow on this song. She gives great energy on this track.
2- Michael Jackson Ft. Heavy D - Jam
Two fallen legends, gone too soon.
3-Michael Jackson ft. Jay Z - You Rock My World [RMX]
h, the Mike Jordan of rap, the Mike Jackson of pop
The Mike Tyson of street, Airs with no socksThe Hugh Hef of the game, yeah it won't stop
Til I meet the Lara Croft of the hood, it's all good
The Spielberg when I spill words to tracks
I'm a sick dude, you can't feel worse than that
For you slow-minded dudes I reverse it back - Jay Z
4-Michael Jackson Ft Notorious B.I.G - Unbreakable
If only these two were able to create more gems when alive...
5- Michael Jackson ft. LL Cool J "Serious Effect"
Written by Michael with Teddy Riley, and recorded by Michael, with rap by LL Cool J.It was scheduled to be included on the cancelled bonus CD of the expanded, special edition of Dangerous in 2001.
@jeff4122 I agree, it is awesome to see Mike get so much love today.. this guy had a boatload of hits.. my favorite song of this bunch is the one with Jay-Z, lots of swag, but I feel you on Unbreakable, it has great energy
This is awesome. Love to see all the press that Michael is getting today. "Unbreakable" is a classic.