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1. Whoo! (Feat. Eric Benet)
This is one of those songs, that you didn't know you needed in your life until you hear it... or at least it's that way for me XD
I really feel this is one of the best collaborations with a western artist in K-Pop everything just seems to work... or maybe I'm the only one who thinks so lol, either way I'm totally digging the vibe of this song :D makes me want to get up and dance to it... and most likely look like a fool in the process, but you know what? I probably wouldn't care, as long as their was no one else in the room XD
let me know what you thought of this song, do you love it or do you hate it ?
And purely for enjoyment, here is a video of Eric Benet reacting to FIESTAR's debut track ^^
Credit to the owner's of these videos ^^
You can check out more about FIESTAR >>here<<
I like how Eric Benet went from being Halle Berry's once upon a time R&B husband to being so involved in K-Pop. (And why do I feel like Eric was just kind of like :||| the entire video?! Does he not realize what reaction videos are all about?!)
This is an amazing song (makes me want to dance!) and haha, the reaction video...he has a great laugh! lol
Love Whoo! It totally surprised me when I first heard it :)
@danidee yeah he didn't do much, he probably thought the MV was a little weird, but at lest he liked the song :)