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Ahhhhh Meninist, the lovely online community that is taking a stand against all things feminism. What originally started out as a twitter to share jokes amongst guys and talk about how difficult it is to be male in the 21st century, it has now spiraled into viral hashtag advocating for men to have equal rights to women.
Yupp thats right, for men to have equal rights to women.
Men from across the world have been chiming in on the Meninist twitter explaining exactly how and why they need Meninism. However the page has taken a turn to an even more (if that is even possible) ignorant turn. The Meninist page is now littered with jokes varying from men seeking equality, to rape and domestic violence. Some examples include,
Thank you so much for informing me that you believe that over half of the worlds population has the chance to be smart, if only they learned how to swallow.
Whats the old phrase again? Oh right, spitters are quitters. Duh
Meninism isn't about seeking body positivity for men. Its about finding any way to put women down so I would hold that sign somewhere else if you're really serious.
Thank you, because you really know how to completely invalidated and shame all woman's claim of rape with just one poster.
As "Meninist" became a house hold name (it pained me to type that), T-Shirts were obviously the next step. And now they are flying off the shelves!! But what I find so confusing is why the hell women are wearing them!!
Yes, I get it, they don't believe that women and men should have equal rights.
It just really is so disappointing to see not only men but women wearing a brand that so clearly dehumanizes and insults the female gender.
If someone is able to explain it to me I genuinely am all ears! Because I just don't get it.
Thankfully some people are calling the girls out!!
I am a feminist that believes in equality. You can wear whatever you want, believe whatever you want, thats your right. But these meninist shirts at least do one thing useful, point to the people I should avoid.
Yeah @AlmightyAli it's really worrisome that so many women (and young girls too) are being taught to embrace this toxicity through misinformation and manipulation. The meninist movement totally wants thosr things you've mentioned, and they misrepresent themselves as being about equality. We need more people talking about these issues and correcting misconceptions.
The only type of females that should be wearing this is none. I seriously think anyway and all females should go against something like this because this prove to our women ancestors (yes I said our) that we as women shouldn't be treated equally as men earning the right to vote like them, paid the same amount as them, and even have better jobs than them. Basically these so called"meninist" want women to slave over a hot stove, lay in bed whenever they want sex, stay at home all day everyday watching kids, and clean after them. I like the fact that they feel like we just might have more power over them. Hmmm wondering what they would have done if Hillary Clinton became President. Hmmm I just wonder.
@shannonl5 a agree 1000000000% it seriously is just so discouraging to see people, even of they think its just a joke, buy into this. Because for some people its not a joke and they really think about women this way!
Well of course @LizArnone . They are in a position of power that they don't want to give up. Feminism IS a threat to the traditional power structures that have privileged a select group of people. If we actually lived in a meritocracy nobody would give these people the time of day.
@shannonl5 but i know it seems to be mostly white males bitching about how they need gender equality. it honestly makes me roll my eyes. there was a post that they joked about how the riots in Baltimore were taking away concern for what americas real problem is, was it racism ? nope feminism.
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