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What's the drama? Ban Ji Yeon is a news reporter at the Trouble Maker agency. She is a workaholic who is extremely passionate about her job. So much so that she gets called a "witch" by her colleagues. Ever since her fiancé ditched her on the day of the marriage, she has stopped believing in the idea of love. However, this changes when she runs in Yoon Dong Ha, a 25 year old who runs a small errands shop with his best friend, Yong Soo-cheo. They get along amazing well and have great chemistry right off the bat, despite the big age difference (Ji Yeon is 39). However, both their pasts come to haunt them during their love story. Will they make it?

Why is it great?

1. The Chemistry
Okay, maybe they have a 14 year age difference, but their chemistry is better than the ones in any other K-drama I've seen. It's not too serious and it's not too jokey but it's just the right amount of awesome to keep us interested. They both have great lively personalities that mix really well and they'll probably become your favorite K-drama couple!
2. There are NO stereotypical second leads.
I hope this isn't a spoiler, but there are no (stereotypical) second leads! Finally, a drama that doesn't mess with the hearts of viewers with the dreaded second leads. Don't you hate when the classic charming male second lead or the evil female second throw off the chemistry between the two main leads? Well, you won't have that worry with this drama!
3. Awesome friendship!
This is the Ji Yeon's best friend. She is dramatic and hilarious and you will come to love her. This drama shows some amazing friendships between characters. Ji Yeon and her best friend have an awesome relationship and support each other through good and bad things. Even when they get annoyed of each other, they still go out of their way to care for their friend. This is one my favorite things about this drama!
We've all seen bromance in many K-dramas, but this one takes it to a whole new level. They live together, work together, and basically keep each other going. How cool is that? They are basically living the best friend dreams we all have and it's amazing! And I'm so so so glad that Soo Cheol was cast as a best friend and not a second lead. We definitely wouldn't have been able to handle that!
5. Park Seo Joon
Alright, this is a total fangirl/fanboy reason to watch the drama but Park Seo Joon is a bundle of adorable and makes the drama totally worth watching. Also, HE SINGS!
Sorry I don't mean that in a bad way. It was just something I noticed in one of the groups on Facebook.
I know a lot of older woman were crazy about this one
@poojas, thank god! Phew! Didn't want to offend anyone.
@chandnip804 Oh no, you're absolutely right! It definitely is a favorite among the older K-drama fans (who are super duper awesome btw) since it's a noona romance :P Definitely did not come off in a bad way, friend :D
@MattK95 That's awesome! Now you have more reasons to watch it!!! :D
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