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When I saw the card @VinMcCarthy wrote about flash fiction, I knew I had to try his challenge! I feel like flash fiction is a really great way to exercise your creative muscles. 'First Love' is kind of tricky for me because I'm not totally sure I'm remembering the details correctly. So I took a little creative license. I call it...

Girls Don't Like Boys Girls Like Glitter and Dance Parties

It's quiet. Summer afternoons are a lonely solace in an anxious, confusing world. You're wearing a costume made from your dad's recycled work clothes, decorated with neon pink construction paper. And glitter. Gold glitter. You fiddle with your finicky boom box, and the motors whurr and grumble as the cassette tape begins to play. It's not an impressive machine, but it's all you have. And this is important to you. The music starts to play. Dancing is an odd language, and dancing alone is a lot like talking to yourself. Do you feel excited? Scared? Some part of you knows. You wave your hands and say "how are you WHO are you what is the point of existing" with a clumsy wave of your arm. You greet yourself, as if for the first time. The cheesy, late eighties soundtrack fills up the space of the cluttered bedroom, muting the suburbs stillness from outside. You breathe. You move. You know begin to know yourself.
@shannonl5 I really like the direction you took here. I worded the prompt in such a way that people didn't have to talk about love in terms of between people, but also with something, some event, that is loved. I like here how you took that and made it a story of self-love. I don't think I've seen anyone take it in this direction yet, so kudos.
Thanks @VinMcCarthy I'm glad that came across! Definitely tag me in your next promt!
Thanks again @VinMcCarthy for such an awesome prompt!