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Every few days, I'm releasing a new batch of songs that belong on your summer playlists. So far we've covered Bob Marley, bluegrass, and some softer tunes; see the full collection here.
In this card, I'm going to give recommendations of Spanish language songs that are great for summer weekends - beach parties, barbeques, road trips, and whatever else you might be up to.

"Éramos todos felices" - Teleradio Donoso

Teleradio Donoso were a Chilean group that was around in the 2000s. They've since split up, but they produced some really fun hits during their days. This one always stood out for me. It's representative of a lot of mid-2000s Chilean rock/pop groups, which are generally way better than you might imagine.

"Bailar conmigo" - Bomba Estéreo

Colombian group Bomba Estéreo (Stereo Bomb) actually just released a new album, but this track comes from their 2011 "Elegancia Tropical". They're a really great band with a growing US fanbase - this is one of their better tracks. It's pretty different, experimental stuff, and I dig it.

"Todos los dias sale el sol" - Bongo Botrako

Hailing from near Barcelona, Spain, Bongo Botrako have one major hit, and this is it. It's title translates to "The sun rises every day," solidifying it as the perfect summer song. The video is extremely entertaining, if nothing else - I'm not sure whether I want to hate the lead singer or drink a beer with him. For the three minutes of this song, though, I know that I'm down.

"Flaca" - Andrés Calamaro

This is the pick of the lot for me. Argentine Andrés Calamaro has an absolutely beautiful voice and the music matches it perfectly. This is a truly great love song, and for those who don't speak Spanish, its lyrics are worth translating. It's that good. It was introduced to me by someone that means a lot to me, and I'll think of her whenever I hear it.
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I actually didn't know that many Spanish-language artists, so it's nice to see what's out there. Very cool summer soundtrack!!