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We all love Netflix. Our friends love it. Our parent's love it. It's convenient, it's fun and it's entertaining, but what price do we pay to watch our favorite shows all at once?
Addictions come in all forms, but is there a new one on the horizon that nearly everyone has?
The word binge comes from a negative place to begin with. Binging is usually associated with bad behaviors like drinking or eating too much. So why do we embrace this behavior with excessive TV-watching?
In the increasing amount of twenty-something based internet culture we treat netflixing like a big joke. It makes us feel inclusive because we all do it. For some it is a fun escape from the daily grind, and provides an extreme amount of convenience for people who can't watch their favorite shows while they air, but where does the binging behavior come from? posted an article based on some research done on Netflix users.
Reporter Chris Smith uncovered some startling information from Greg Dillon, an associate professor of psychiatry and public health at Weill Cornell Medical College:
"It's like you're punch drunk, and saying 'come on feed me another one."
This sort of behavior is representative of the feelings held by addicts of all kinds on some level. Whatever you're addicted to it forms new receptors in your brain that replace the ones that fire. When you watch Netflix for days on end, your brain doesn't take in information as readily.
"Even a single episode has so many highs and lows that by the end of it you're so beaten up, you're less receptive to the emotional and intellectual ideas being put forth. Yet still we click and watch another one." Dillon said.
With all this in mind, it's easy to just keep on watching, but studies suggest that if you take time away from your show, like the weekly schedule of TV suggests, then you will enjoy the show more.
Instant gratification leads to laziness, and causes us to miss the otherwise brilliant details of the shows we're watching.
Some suggest no more than three episodes in one sitting, this will prevent loss of detail, and the loss of your social life as well.

What are your Netflix habits?

Are you addicted?

I'm totally guilty of this - sometimes I even find myself fast forwarding through boring plot points, just for that instant gratification of a more interesting plot.
@LauraFisher omg hahaha thats bad!!! but i mean at least you know who to start loving right away lol
@LizArnone I always do that too! Every season of The Bachelor I promise myself I won't look up the winner and then I do after the first's a problem
Guiltyyyyy! I also google the endings sometimes because of can't stand not knowing and then i start to feel rushed for the rest of the season!! its insane