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If you want to keep that classic neutral bridal makeup look, but are desperate for a little couture enhancement, then THIS IS THE LOOK FOR YOU!
Keep your face matte, including your lips and your contouring nuanced. Your face should look like porcelain. The couture drama comes in for your heavy lined eyes and brows a shade darker than your natural hair color.
This is how you capture a distinct couture look that doesn't weigh you down or date you in pictures.
So pretty!!
this look is pretty much amazing! I love the eye.
Love this too. I shared this in weddings. are you all planning a wedding? @KatieChick @jordanhamilton
No @marshalledgar I just love this look!! ❤
I wish! Maybe in another 5-10 years. I am definitely keeping this look on file. So edgy and chic. Ahhh, simply beautiful @marshalledgar