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Kanye is not scared of any moment, he will always share his opinion. Sometimes, the manner in which he shares his opinion on matters isn’t in good taste. This had led to a boatload of heartfelt (but funny) apologies from one of the greatest musicians of our generation. Below are five classic apologies from Kanye West that we will never forget.
The beef between Kanye and Nike probably got the most air time, as the Chicago native ripped them to shreds during his Yeezus Tour. After leaving for Adidas, Kanye apologized to the company. "I’m still gonna do music but I really do feel honored to have had the chance to blow Yeezy up with Nike and I really appreciate everything they did for me," he said. "I’m not knocking them on the way out or burning no bridges, you know, I apologize for my frustration earlier. I just think it’s time. It’s go time. It’s turn up time."
Kanye has had a rough relationship with the paparazzi through the years. One incident led to a lawsuit and settlement. As part of the terms, Kanye had to apologize to the photographer.
This one hit home. Kanye got into a heated shouting match with his longtime friend and supporter Sway on “Sway In The Morning.” They both apologized for the back and forth on the spot, but the world will never forget this one.
“You Ain't Got The Answers Sway!”
When Beck was announced as the victor for Album of the Year for his Morning Phase LP, Kanye pretended to walk on stage like he did after Taylor Swift won. Kanye shared his thoughts on Beck winning the award, stating that Beck beating out Beyonce was an affront to "artistry." Kanye may have been a bit off on this one, as Beck played all 14 instruments on his album. He later went on to apologize for moment on social media.
5-Taylor Swift
Where do I start on this one, lord.. where do I start.
At the 2009 MTV VMAs, Taylor Swift beat out Beyonce for the Best Female Video award . Upset with the choice, Kanye hopped on the stage to share his thoughts. "I'ma let you finish," he opened, "But Beyonce had one of the greatest videos of all time. Of all time!" Apparently Kanye was so embarrassed for this one that he apologized on three separate occasions.
Right or wrong, that may not have been the best time nor place to share his displeasure with the award selection.
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This is great, you know you either love him or hate him. I love him bahah