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Today in the News: Millennials, World Well-Being and MJ

Today in the news...

1. The Census Bureau released information about the changes in the U.S. population. Millennials are basically kicking out the baby boomers. I’m Cesus-ing a takeover.
2. PBS canceled its show “Finding Your Roots.” And for Ben Affleck, it’s pretty personal. Let’s just say he’s relatively upset about what happened during the show.
3. The Today Show welcomes the actress who plays Kimmy Schmidt. I’m sure she’ll host a good time.
4. A list of the top 10 countries with the highest level of "well-being” was released. If Europe for it, I’ll tell you which ones made it.
5. Michael Jackson died six years ago today. Let’s all make sure to remember the King of Pop. Anyone that doesn’t want to listen to MJ today can just Beat It!
This is just a brief summary of the news today in puns. Follow my collection of Punny News. Also, here’s how to comfort your sad millennial. Happy Thursday!
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