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Sometimes we get a little bit stressed and tied up in what life throws at us. One things turns into another and suddenly we are a snowball of anxiety falling full steam into disaster.
So on your most confusing days try to remember the best way to live, the the simple way. Take some tips from Ron Swanson and you'll be relaxing on your wooden porch, sipping whiskey and happily eating bacon in no time.
Ron makes it clear that to get the most out of life you need to make sure you know yourself. And there is no reason that you should need to go on a transcendental journey to figure out who you are. Most of the time the answer is simple, and like I said before...simple is better.
Don't you just hate it when you want something so badly but it just ends up getting messed up and confused? If you want anything in life you need to speak clearly and demand that it is done correctly the first time. I don't think thats that much to ask, plus it saves a lot of time when you don't have to fix errors.
Dude, to live the life you want you need to just eat what you want. Who cares that carrots have way less calories. Just do you, let the rabbits eat the salad.
Just like you gotta know what you like, you have to know what you will not tolerate. And it's a lot easier if you only let a few things reallllly get to you.
Honestly, just fuck diets. They don't even work anyway, especially when you're trying to get drunk. Thanks Ron, you're so smart.
If you want to get anywhere you have to have goals. No matter if they are big or small, you have to know what your goals are to achieve success and self satisfaction.
Ron makes his own destiny and he believes you should do! Don't wait around for luck, you don't need it. If you demand success and have goals you will find victory!
Just inspiring. You are a man of few words, yet so much wisdom.
That skimmed milk quote is TRUE TO LIFE though.
@danidee skim milk FREAKS ME OUT @LauraFisher sometimes i just want to marry ron...and by sometimes i mean all the time
"Since I am not a rabbit, no I do not" - my favorite Parks and Rec line ever