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...Or is it?

I've been considering getting myself a tattoo dedicated to Sherlock for a while, but I'm really indecisive. These ones are really inspiring though! Tattooing takes fandom to a whole new level. The amount of dedication the fan has must be profound. After all, it's there forever.
I imagine it must be a little odd for celebrities if they encounter tattoos like this. Sure, his likeness has been used for merchandise all over the world, but a tattoo feels more personal somehow. At least this is definitely in character, somehow I can't imagine Benedict Cumberbatch would ever look so severe in real life. Is it still a little weird though? I don't know if I would want something this intense-looking. The art itself is really beautiful, I'm just not sure that it's for me.
There's something to be said for getting a ship inked into your skin. The next time someone challenges The Johnlock Conspiracy, just roll up your sleeve and show off your tattoo. That could be kind of awkward if it never comes to pass though. Unless you don't care about canon? The second one is subtler- just the two characters in silhouette. I love both of these tattoos, but I don't think they really represent my experience in the fandom.
A quote is a really cool way to embrace the original media. You'll definitely never forget it! The original stories bt Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are very quotable, but as you can see they're also a bit wordy. And if I got this, I'd be anticipating someone calling me "Spock" at every fan convention!
I should probably just get a temporary tattoo to test the waters, huh?

If Sherlock were here he'd probably call it a three-patch problem...

@shannonl5 Oh man, I'm imagining getting ones of all my K-pop fandoms...yup, that's WAY too many tattoos.
I'm glad I'm not the only one @poojas ! I feel like if I got a tattoo for every fandom I joined I'd be totally covered by now
I totally understand being indecisive about getting a tattoo as a fan. I remember going through the Supernatural phase and wanting to get the star tattoo when everyone was getting one. And I haven't decided to this day. Hahaha