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Anything before 10am is just unacceptable to me. Unfortunately, now that I have a job I have to be at my desk, working, THINKING, at 9am! I don't even like being awake that early, let alone being productive.
So here are a few ways to make your (disgustingly early) mornings go a bit smoother, and how to sleep until the very last possible second!
1. Shower the night before!
I know some people say that showering in the morning wakes them up but...I would much rather the extra half hour of sleep! If you shower the night before, right before bed your hair will have time to dry and you'll be super relaxed and clean. After I shower I am so ready to get all cuddled up and pass out.
2. Have your clothes already laid out!
Have everything ready to just throw on. Im talking socks, undergarments, shoes, belts, and your bag must be packed. That way getting dressed will only take you 5 minutes, not the usual 20 in which 19 minutes are spent deciding which shirt matches better.
Maybe it's a left over catholic school uniform thing, but I never think it should take more then 10 minutes to be ready to go.
3. Do Not snooze your alarm
Snoozing your alarm is the worst thing you can do!! If you think about it you are actually losing sleep because you have to wake yourself up earlier to give yourself time to snooze!! Set your alarm, put it across the room, and force yourself to get your ass up in the morning on the first ring.
Yes, it sucks but thats the hardest part! Just get it over with.
4. Have the coffee maker timed and ready!
So you are not a morning person, which means I bet your best friend is coffee! Save time and money on coffee by making it at home, not waiting in crazy lines at 7am for a $5 latte from Starbucks. When you make it at home you can time the coffee to be ready at the exact moment you stumble down the stairs.
5. Don't check your phone
You are going to have to deal with all the emails, texts and calls allll day, and the morning is already hard enough. Don't make it worse by checking to see how busy your day is going to be while you are still so close to your beautiful bed. Enjoy a couple minutes of solitude, it might even make you like the mornings a bit.
I put my stuff together the night before and go to bed early. I'm not into coffee (I don't even kno what it's for). I function best in the mornings and start falling asleep by
I like these tips! Thank you for sharing!
Yep, I definitely do ALL of these things! I am a morning person, but these things help my mornings go way smoother.
@alywoah i wish i was a morning person!! but I'm getting better!