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When it comes to easy, convenient and stylish -- box braids take the cake.

Yes, I'm talking Poetic Justice *in my best Kendrick Lamar voice*. But no, seriously -- this trend is back and with a vengeance. Braids have always been a quick and easy -- well a 'not so quick', style that is perfect for those lazy days you just want to give your hair a rest.
Thanks to the ever so popular rapper Kendrick Lamar, he made the box braids or poetic justice braids a huge comeback. If you're not familiar with the movie Poetic Justice, the main character Justice -- played by Janet Jackson back in her prime rocked some braids that soon became a phenomenon. There goes a quick history lesson on braids, you can thank me later. If you're over the time consuming hassle it takes to do your hair in the morning, get you some braids girl!

Janet Jackson: Miss Poetic Justice herself coined the title and made these box braids a huge trend in the 90's.

They have since made a comeback and you can see women everywhere channeling their inner Justice with braids down their back.

Beyonce: The Queen Bey herself rocked some box braids in an updo and she looked gorgeous as usual.

We are so used to seeing her with long straight hair, the box braids definitely shows us that she can switch things up and have fun with her look.

Angela Simmons: The ever so lovely Angela Simmons who we normally see wrong her natural tresses or a weave, switched things up with some funky box braids.

Show your creative side by adding some color to your braids for a little bit of quirkiness and style.

Solange: I can't even begin to compare Solange to her sister Beyonce because they are clearly both freakin' amazing on so many levels.

The length of Solange's box braids are everything. The longer the braids, the better! That's a written rule to live by. Not to mention, her still is everything. She can clearly do no wrong. At all.

"Oh Girl, you got those box braids? Those are too freakin' fly."