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Our world can be stuffed in a congested box of noise, routine, and conflict, that we just need something to untangle us from the mess. Whether I was working on multiple papers at once, or I was pressed for time for an assignment at work, I’ve always made space for release. If you continue to build up that tension, you’ll eventually break like a glass plate.
I used to have major anxiety attacks. But, i'm getting better at dealing with them.
Here are some free ways that help me destress.

Go Outside, Take A Walk

There's something about being under the sun and the cool air that really refreshes me. Maybe it's because I stare at a computer screen all day, or because I have a 5-star view of a brick wall.
But I can feel my stress fumble as I watch the world just be. If you only have a 15-minute break from work, use it wisely and change up your scenery.

Listen To Calm Music

Although I like rock, trap, and all things loud and crazy -- that's the last thing I want to hear when I am stressed and anxious. Usually a smooth, instrumental track keeps me feeling grounded again. You know what also works for me? Music from the 60s.

Hang Out With A Furry Friend

My mood goes from craptastic to fantastic when I am around dogs, cats, and anything super cute. When I was going through depression, I actively asked friends if I could hang out with their cats or dogs. My mood was completely shifted and that was one the ways I was actually to combat depression and anxiety.
Visit a friend's pet, or better yet, visit an animal shelter.
There was actually an experiment made by Tidy Cats that showed how stressed people immediately felt peace and joy, just by playing with cats. Check out the video below.
Destressing with kitties. :)