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This easy diy summertime snack tutorial is one of my favorites because it combines the best of Doritos and fried cheese sticks! You cannot say no to this--your friends and family won't let you say no!

You Need:

A love of Doritos and fried cheese
2 lbs. MILD cheddar cheese - sliced into triangles
1 bag of Doritos original nacho cheese flavor
1 bag of Doritos spicy nacho flavor
4 eggs
1 tsp powdered garlic
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp black pepper
flour - to coat the cheese
Follow the PopSugar video for the directions on how to prep and fry.
And while you're reading and watching, I am going to run to Costco and buy some cheese for this! OMG!!! <3
I don't know why I would watch this when Im trying to be healthy!! haha deff something to try
@DaniaChicago so you're just torturing yourself with this video! hhahah but don't worry I'm sure you'll look amazing in your wedding dress! Thats so exciting, just don't eat this while your wearing it...can you imagine dorito finger prints all over the white!
I know, right? And I have to eat right to fit into the wedding dress...
Thanks for all the advice! <3 It's not till 2016 so I can enjoy a few bad meals this summer. I mean, it's summer, so why not?
@DaniaChicago i was gonna say just think about all the delicious food thats gonna be at the reception yum yum yummmmmm maybe you can just peck a bit hahaha
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