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Part of celebrating summer is going to the fair and eating just about anything that's sold at the food stalls. (Forget about the part where I mentioned that I'm trying to eat right for my wedding in 2016!!!)
Seriously, though, all you need for this donut diy are your favorite glazed donuts, some cinnamon and suger (mixed) and a panini grill, which you can find online for less than $30!
All you have to do is slice the donuts, dip cut side down into cinnamon and sugar and then grill. Like, it's ridiculous how easy that is! Watch it for about 30 seconds and place onto a paper towel to dry and crisp up.
<3 I am in love with this idea as much as I love my other food diys. Have you seen them? Check this OREO CHURRO diy! You are going to die!
Each chip is HALF A DONUT?! I don't even know what to say.
oh... didn't realize that was the vid,.. sorry
Considering that I can polish off a bag of chips in one sitting, which is probably 40 or so chips, that's at least 20 donuts!!!!!!!!!!! And to that I say YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @danidee
Sorry for the late reply @terrecaRiley Thanks for taking a look. I am in love with this idea!!!
some pics pls