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DJ and model Harley Viera Newton bleeds effortless cool, and her personal style of high and low pieces is enviable to say the least. She perfectly curates a closet of little dresses and statement accent pieces, and we could all learn a thing or two from her fashion sense.
Wear cutesy collars.
Viera Newton loves a short hemline, but she balances out the sexy exposed leg with girly and cutesy elements, like high collars in feminine shapes. Peter pan collars and collars in contrasting white stand out against brightly-colored and black tops and dresses.
Pick ladylike prints like gingham and houndstooth.
Another trick Viera Newton uses to keep her short skirts polished is by relying on prim and proper classic prints, like gingham and houndstooth, and the occassional polka dot.
Dress up a sexy silhouette with lace and scallops.
Little lacy and crocheted dresses are also a staple that never go out of style, and Viera Newton loves them. While she embraces certain trends, her little dresses are mostly timeless styles that always look good and flatter her leggy frame.
Wrap your hair into a braided crown.
Viera Newton is known for her long, wavy locks, but her updo of choice is also recognizable on its own. She braids her hair and wraps the braids above her head as a headband, in a sleek but quirky crown.
To be honest I wish I were Harley Viera Newton, but I guess we can all just try to look the part. Time to go grow out my hair (and my legs) five more inches.
Omg, I don't know how to comment this card without being creepy, but I knew Harley back when she was going to high school in Santa Monica!
Back in the day, she used to do a lot of thrifting at Melrose Trading Post. I always feel like her style was always very much like.. vintagey thrift store finds mixed with independent designers, but yeah, she's alwayssss been into style.
@danidee that's not creepy, it's awesome.