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My dad can make just about anything. So when I asked him to make this for us for the summertime, he balked and told me to do it! Can you believe that?!
So I did some searching and this is by far the easiest diy out there for bean bag/corn hole toss. The instructions for this are for the die-hard regulation parameters. However, if it's too big, you can make it smaller, which most people do--including me!
This project is for making TWO OF THESE. Do you need two? Um...yeah. Cuz someone will love yours and want to borrow it, and then you'll never get it back. Better to make two while the tools are out than have to make another down the line.


Jig Saw
Measuring Tape
1/2" drill bit
Random Orbit Sander


1/2 inch plywood 24" x 48" (I chose 24" x 36" so it's easier to haul to the beach)
(4) 2 x 4 x 11-1/2"
1-5/8" screws
Paint and Primer in-one

1. Cut out your pieces

I didn't want mine "regulation size" so I chose to make two 24" x 36" sections of 1/2" plywood; four 2" x 4" x 36" for the frame; four 2" x 4" x 21" for the frame; and four 2" x 4" x 11-1/2" for the legs.

2. Build the frame

None of the instructions for this part made any sense to me. So here's how I did it: I measured and drilled four pilot holes along the 24" side and six pilot holes along the 36" side. That's when I drilled all the 2" x 4" pieces into the board.

3. Make the legs

The tutorial wanted me to make the legs curved and fancy. I didn't have time for all that, so I just attached the legs into the top two corners with screws. I didn't bother with making the feet flat and parallel to the ground. Why bother? The ground isn't flat at the beach or at parks.

4. Make the circle

Love this part because it means I get to use a compass, which I haven't used since third grade! To find the center point of the hole, make a mark 9 inches down from the top and 12 inches in from each side. Using the compass, mark a 6-inch diameter circle around the spot that you marked. It's that easy.

5. Drill the hole out

Pre-drill a hole along the edge of the circle large enough to accept the jigsaw blade and cut out the circle. I wish all instructions were one sentence long and this easy.

6. The boring part

Sanding is the worst part of all. I hate it. It's awful. But it needs to be done because I am NOT GETTING A SPLINTER!

7. Painting is fun

It's only fun when you get the paint and primer in-one kind of paint because I don't have time for priming, drying, sanding and painting. Too much nonsense!
All you need to do now is buy or make the bean bags. After all this work, though, I think I'd rather chill by the pool with the largest sweet tea imaginable and a big plate fried cheese sticks! If that sounds good to you too, you should click here to see how to make Doritos Fried Cheddar Cheese! OMG!