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DAMMMMMMNNNN. Get it! Howeverrrr...I liked your initial wardrobe better XD.
*Wardrobe thoughts? Can't deny they've got skills though.
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This dance is the insane but they did it so well hahaha @vinchio it would be helpful if you left your comments in english^^
2 years ago·Reply
Yeahhhh, I like the first outfits better. The second ones make me want to cover them up like I'm a protective parent. "You're going out wearing THAT?!"
2 years ago·Reply
Great choreo...second outfit style doesn't really fit with the song...that was my reaction.
2 years ago·Reply
I liked both outfits. The first one fit the dance in a more casual way and the second ones were similar in style to the female backup dancers in the video.
2 years ago·Reply
they are famous in Russia as well. they evaluate as good as more Out side than Korea
2 years ago·Reply