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We all know sun protection is vital when you are exposed to direct sunlight. While garment and accessory may cover a good amount it is not enough. Why is why dermatologist recommend using sunscreen to protect areas that is difficult to cover with clothes. When it comes to purchasing sunscreen most of us just randomly pick one up on-the-go. As for me, I used to look for the ones that are discounted. It was not until I came across EWG's sunscreen guide that made me realize I've been buying sunscreen the wrong way. EWG (Environmental Working Group) is known for creating reports to warn consumer of harmful ingredients in produce and processed food. Recently, they released a 2015 sunscreen guide to help people identify what sunscreen is actually harming our skin instead of protecting it. I'm writing all this to inform you, the next you head out to purchase a bottle of sunscreen keep the following things in mind.
1. Spray sunscreens are convenient but they pose a real health risk. When the particles are inhale may cause damage to our health. Also, spray sunscreen might not cover all areas of the skin and make it hard to control the amount applied.
2. High SPFs does not mean better protection. Anything with 50+ SPF offer less protection against UVA than UVB. So, high SPF products suppress sunburn but not other types of sun damage.
3. Avoid sunscreens with oxybenzone. This active ingredient is found in most sunscreens currently on the market. When oxybenzone is soaked into the skin it can skin into the bloodstream and act like estrogen in the body. Researchers has been linking this to disorders such as endometriosis and lower birth weights in newborn girls. So, ladies be careful!
4. Be cautious when you use vitamin A or retinol night creams. Retinol or retinyl palmitate is known to reverse aging and wrinkles. However, when this ingredient is expose to sunlight it may speed up the development of other skin disorders.

All this is to say, take your time to find the right sunscreen to protect your skin.

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Even though I know all of these, sometimes it's hard to walk out the door without sunscreen.