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I know.. first look it really looks like Will and Kate! But these pictures are taken by photographer Alison Jackson, who specializes in spoof photos of the royal family. Cool, though! :) Browse through pics, it's refreshing to see "Will and Kate" celebrating the Holidays like the rest of us...
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yes..and royalty you know! their x'mas must be huge!
5 years ago·Reply
but quiet perhaps?? only the clinking of the forks and spoon is the only thing they'd hear? >.<
5 years ago·Reply
do you think they also have family drama scenes during christmas dinner? "Harry, you might wanna go to iraq more often if you can't keep your clothes on" ^^v
5 years ago·Reply
@shoenami... hahahaha..omg..really? for them must be so different from ours..actually extravagant~ perhaps formal too
5 years ago·Reply
Maybe it's like a business meeting that they are just REQUIRED to do.. Formal clothes mandatory!
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