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This is what you IMAGINE your hair to look like in the morning. Run your hand through it once and you're ready to go.
But in REALITY, this is how you look like when you wake up...
A lion's mane and maybe one or two strands of hair in our mouth.
The truth is, unless you're blessed with straight hair that never get tangled, you will have to deal with knots, awkwardly shaped and lifeless hair in the morning. It is inevitable, but you can do something about it to simply your daily routine. Everyone wants to spend as little time as possible to look good, especially if you're racing against the clock to get ready for school or work. So, here are some great time saving beauty tips.
1. Embrace your natural hair type.
Everyone wants something they don't have. If you're not gonna show your hair some love and wear it with confidence, you'll always dread about it. Now is the time to let your hair shine. If you have straight hair, you don't need to curl it to look gorgeous. If you have wavy hair you don't need to blow dry it straight - A small dollop of mousse and let your hair air dry for some easy finger waves. If you have curly hair, add a little oil to revive your bouncy curls.
2. Try a dual purpose bun.
You can extend your newly washed hair two or three days with a ballerina bun. The great thing about this trick is when you wake up in the morning and let your hair down, it will have amazing body and bounce. Any frizz that appear can fixed with a brush.
3. Nothing a braid can't fix.
This basically works the same as a ballerina bun. Depending on your desire result, a braid can create beach-like texture for hair. It also saves you time if you decide to keep the braid for the day.
4. Try half washing hair.
This is a time-saver if you ran out of dry shampoo and needs a quick-fix for greasy bangs. Section your bangs and tie the rest of the hair back. Focus on washing your top only. This way you just have to blow dry and style the top portion of your hair leaving your hair fresh again!
Thank you for the help @hairconfetti
@janmin17 Since she has a combination of greasy hair and dandruff I would recommend using tea tree oil to solve this problem. You can either use it to massage the scalp or mix it with baby shampoo. I say baby shampoo because it's sulfate-free. And after washing the hair you can also add 12 drops of the oil in about 3 ounces of warm water in a spray bottle. Then mist it on the hair to prevent it from getting greasy.
Hi @hairconfetti, I'm following your collection and I was wondering if you can help me with something. My daughter seems to have greasy hair and also dandruff. What natural remedie can help with that? Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
janmin17 You're welcome!