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800 years ago, Seki became known as The City of Blades. It is one of the three greatest cities in the world to manufacture blades, along with Solingen of Germany and Sheffield of England. Seki has one of the most ideal resources for a blade blacksmith, including high quality dirt clay, Matsuzumi (pine tree fuel), and river water from Nagara River and Tsubo River. In the Muromach Era (1336~1573), over 300 blade blacksmiths gathered. The blades created in Seki were known as blades that “Didn’t break, didn’t bend, and cuts well”, and became popular around the country.
The Shun, although it is mass produced, is all handmade. They use traditional Seki method of creating the blades, just like olden times. The blacksmiths layer different metals on top of each other, creating a very strong blade and a pattern similar to the age rings of a tree. That is one of the distinct features of Shun.
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