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The reign of contour might be coming to its end.

Chances are if you are a beauty aficionado and you've been online for the past week you have seen this meme. Strobing is also a trending hashtag under the beauty and makeup category.
So, what is this new makeup technique that has shaken the whole beauty world? (That even Good Morning America feature this as news)
Strobing is "new" makeup technique that uses highlight to illuminate the areas that natural light touches. Honestly, it's really crazy to me that this now a "trend" because my mom has been using this makeup technique since forever, but I guess now it has a name! LOL.
Same thing with contouring. All of a sudden, packing your face with layers (and layers of makeup), narrowing your nose and carving your cheekbone out is called contouring. The power of Kim Kardashian is really something.
Okay, so for those who just mastered the art of contouring, sorry, now you're crushed with a new makeup trend. But the good news is, it's easy. And it won't melt your face in the summer heat.
Above is the strobing video that went viral. Beauty vlogger Missy Lynn shares a brief intro about strobing and shows you how it's done around 5:26. She first apply foundation with a beauty blender, then set the under eye area, and finally highlight with MAC melon pigment.
Below is another way to incorporate strobing for a natural everyday makeup look.
In conclusion, I think this trend will be really popular this summer because it define the face and radiate a youthful look. It's also extremely light compared to contouring.
Does this work for every skin type?
Since this method delivers a shimmery finish it works better for those with normal to dry skin. However, it will work for oily skin type as long as a primer and matte foundation is applied beforehand. Just avoid the forehead and t-zone area.
What do you think? Will you join the rest of the beauty gurus with strobing?
@shannonl5 I was going to recommend you The Body Shop's wise woman day cream. It has a subtle shimmer (you can hardly) tell in the moisturizer and I usually apply it above my cheeks and lips and chin to illuminate those areas. It doesn't contain any color and blends well with any skin tone. It's a great alternative to highlighter but TBS don't carry it online anymore. Some store might still have it though.
That's a great tip! Thanks @mikayla I'll have to see if there are some good alternatives out there.
@Cofjn That's tough one. Have you tried using aloe vera or ice to cure the sun burn?
I have mixed and pale/sunburnt skin...
I really like this look but I have super fair skin so I don't know if I'd be able to pull it off- usually anything shimmery stands out way too much and looks really costume-y.