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YES! Another swimsuit company is ditching unattainable models for real women in their advertisements. This makes me so happy because virtually NO ONE looks like the models that the majority of swimsuit companies feature in their ads. Another win for the fashion industry!
Watch the entire ad campaign in this video.
The ad campaign is entitled "Beach body. Not sorry." and features model Denise Bidot.
"I agreed to be part of this campaign because it's about sharing your story with others and opening up the conversation about beauty," Bidot said.
I'm so glad that the fashion industry is finally catching up to the fact that not everyone is a perfect size 2. We are real people with real beauty and the fashion industry should show that.
Thank you SwimsuitsForAll.
@buddyesd Yes, the mindset of the general public has slowly started to change, and I hope it catches on too. It would be great to see more companies doing campaigns like this.
@JordanNash I hope this catches on, I've noticed it changing very little by little
@buddyesd Yes! I completely agree with you that it's more important about what's on the inside.
I prefer a real woman to some marketing persons ideal woman. looks come and go but what's inside is more precious than gold and can grow
wow! just... wow!
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