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The Lyric of the Day for today comes from a song by an indie-pop favorite of many, Ra Ra Riot. The song is "Too Too Fast".
"We have forgotten
so much since then
The scent of your breath again
Or maybe it's the way we fell
Don't fall
Stop looking out to pretend
Everything is still there"
There are two ways that these Lyrics of the Day come to be:
1. I am listening to music and notice a particularly poetic lyric, and that becomes the Lyric of the Day. 2. I am listening to a song that I really like and tear it apart looking for its best lyric so I can share the song by way of the lyric.
This definitely falls into the second category. I think this song is awesome - I love the female singer mumbling "too too too fast" throughout the choruses and the instrumentation. It's fast paced, but it's about memory, and slowing down. Overall it's a great song, and a nice way to lead into the weekend.
I hope it's a great one for everyone.