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Kim is looking curvier than ever during her pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian is not letting her style game down rocking her maternity outfits. Kim landed in London yesterday and finally got to reunite with her husband, Kanye. They had matching beige and tan clothes which they must consider fashion forward. Kim and Kanye have been away from each other for a little while so it was probably nice for them to catch up especially with Kim's belly getting bigger by the minute.

Kim strutting London Town.

I guess Kim's new style involves scissors because it looks like she cut her own shirt to show some cleavage. Interesting. And it looks like she's wearing two belts? Wearing only one belt must be so last season. Usually I love Kim's outfits but this one just seems odd but she's a celebrity so it's not odd for them to wear strange clothing.
They had their date at Hakkasan in Mayfair, London finally reunited after being separated in Cannes and Men's Fashion Week in Paris. While Kim had her own unique style, Kanye was looking just as dressed up. He wore ripped white jeans, a plunging tee, and a beige over-shirt with shoes to match. Very neutral pairing.

Kim is going for a more "simpler" look.

Kim told The Today Show,“I’ve gained like 15 pounds already! It’s gone everywhere. It’s in my boobs right now. My boobs are huge!”
Kim said at MailOnline's yacht party,“At this stage, I’m just trying to fit into the things that still fit me. When I wore my latex dress I just knew it fit me and I knew I probably only had a couple of weeks left before I couldn’t wear it for a good year - and I’d never worn it so I wanted to get use out of it. I do think tighter clothes look better and more slimming, and I don’t care how hot it is, I’m going to wear thin coats all summer to conceal my big arms."

"I’m going to have a strategy of just really simple this time.”

Kimye for the win! Liking their style?