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Holy smokes Batman!

Batkid, the viral sensation that flooded the internet in 2013 and became one of the most succesful charitable campaigns, is hitting theatres tonight. 'Batkid Begins', a documentary featuring the infinitely adorable Miles Scott, explores the impact of the Batkid phenomenon. Organized by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They only expected a few hundred people to help coordinate the event...

Over 12,000 people volunteered

They helped Scott, going by his new Batkid alias, defeat The Penguin and the Riddler, and cheered him on when he recieved a key to the city. The event was part of a celebration for Scott and his family after his cancer went into remission. I'm amazed at how broadly this resonated with people. Could it have had something to do with the spreading popularity of Batman in popular culture?