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Love is most defiantly in the air today, June 26, 2015, as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Gay Marriage by a 5-4 vote, (a little to close in my opinion but honestly I can't even complain right now).
This historic decision was made during Pride Month, only days before the Pride parade in NYC. Its safe to say this sundays march is going to be amazing and I know there will be more then a few happy tears shed.
Thankfully, the Supreme Court has realized that including same sex couples will not actually destroy the union of marriage, they will actually strengthen it. Love is love, and many gay couples have waited years, decades to have the right to legalize their love, in every state.
History has been made today and I am proud to be in a country that allows every citizen the right to marry the person they love.
#lovewins is now trending on twitter and the overwhelming joy and support makes it evident that the Supreme Court made the right choice!
Take a look at the powerful statement following the decision. It will bring you to tears.
THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Happiness everywhere
hahah true true. excellent timing as it worked out though!
@jeff4122 i think it was just a coincidence that it happened the week of NYC pride! but their have been other pride parades all month! the nyc one is just the biggest. June is pride month so maybe they announced it this month on pyrope but.... i mean they could have said no so that would have made it worse lol!
@LizArnone is it just coincidence that the decision was released the weekend of the parade?
@JordanNash i am honestly just so happy for like....the entire country lol
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