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When I was first introduced to Milo Greene a few years ago, I didn't listen to anything else for about a week. I listened to them all day, every day, even though I had just one album.

The Good News

While my initial love eventually calmed, they remained on my playlist for a good while. Their 2012 self-titled debut album is freaking awesome. It's atmospheric, harmonic, melodic, and all sorts of other things whose adjectives I can't correctly use in a sentence.
I've linked my two favorite songs from the album, which, in spite of what I'm going to talk about for the rest of the post, remain on my playlists. They're great songs - the first is "1957" and the second is "What's the Matter."

The Not-So-Good News

After the success of the debut album (it wasn't heard by many, but it got largely favorable reviews), the band released their sophomore effort, "Control" in early 2015.
And it wasn't very good, for my money. It basically went down exactly the path that I was afraid it might - much more pop-heavy, overdone, synth-y than the first album. I loved the first album for its minimalist bits. "Control" exaggerated everything else about the first album. Above, check out "Heartless," one of the singles from the album, and you'll know what I mean. It's just average, at best; at worst, it's boring, unimaginative and plain disappointing.

The Bad News

This is the part that really hurts.
The band toured "Control" earlier this year, and they were playing at a cool venue nearby, so I figured I'd give them a shot. I still loved the first album, and wasn't totally sold on not liking the second one, yet. I also had 15 bucks and nothing to do on a Tuesday night, so the decision was pretty easy.
To put it plainly, they were bad. Like, worst concert I've ever seen, bad. Nothing went wrong, per se; it was more a matter of everything that I didn't love about the album becoming way more present on a live stage. They were totally emotionless, they hardly interacted with one another, and they didn't seem to care about the show at all. I was really disappointed.
Above is a performance they did of "White Lies," another single from the new album. You'll know what I mean by emotionless if you give it a watch; they're just kind of there, and sounds just seem to be coming from their instruments, and they don't really seem to have any say in the matter. It's totally uninspired music.
So, the problem with Milo Greene is that while they can sound really good on a recording - their first album and some solid songs on the second one standing as legitimate proof of this - they are potentially the most boring band of all time.
It's an odd experience to go to a concert of a band you really like and be completely turned off to them by the time the show is over. But, it happens, I guess. Hopefully not too often.

Have you ever seen a live show and had it go totally wrong?

Honestly @jeff4122 I really only liked their 2012 album...Not so much of their newer stuff. Well, do yourself a favor and check out Lonesome Dreams and Strange Trails. Both of those albums are awesome!
@nicolejb what made you reconsider your fandom? And I'm familiar with Lord Huron, never gotten really into him but only because I haven't been fully introduced! I just know a song or two.
I used to love Milo Greene too...(sigh). I found another band that’s similar (but better). Ever heard of Lord Huron?