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The Internet never ceases to amaze me. Some geniuses on Tumblr made an Arrested Development Game of Thrones mash-up and the two very different shows weirdly fit together perfectly. With the recent season finale of Game of Thrones and the suspense that comes with waiting for another season of Arrested Development, Arrested Westeros will help you pass the time.
This is super nerdy but anyone who loves both of these shows will find this hilarious. The two shows are centered around unconventional and dysfunctional families which makes superimposing Arrested Development quotes on Game of Thrones scenes surprisingly easy.
If you like Arrested Westeros, don't worry, the Internet has even more jokes. Check out Joffrey Bieber, a Tumblr combining the two most hated boys in pop culture - King Joffrey and Justin Bieber. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?
I love the Internet because it connects you to other TV nerds who create hilarious stuff like this. I can only assume that this is exactly what Tim Berners Lee hoped the Internet would be used for.
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Omg that last photo lol. Two genius mashups!! Definitely checking out the tumblr :)