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Don't you just love when idol rumors spread like wildfire? I know I don't.
Today, June 26th, a local Korean news website, The Fact has reported that a K-Pop idol is currently under suspicion of using drugs.
Nothing too surprising, right? This has happened before. Some rumors turned out to be true, other's didn't.
As of now, they've arrested a "Mr. A" who has apparently been using cocaine with several idol group members. And the arrest happened at the Incheon International Airport on June 22nd.
Who else was at Incheon International Airport that day?
Yep, Big Bang.
While this clearly says nothing about whether or not the suspected idol(s) are Big Bang members (since only a mysterious agency staff was arrested), news reporters obviously started to point fingers.
The Fact used a picture of G-Dragon in their breaking news coverage of this event. It seems that The Fact has since taken down the image. But the damage is done.
Way to state "facts"...The Fact!
The top-level Hallyu star from a large entertainment agency suspected of drug use is now rumored to be G-Dragon. And he is being bashed in the comment sections of these articles (and there NO real hints about who this suspected idol could be)...
"He makes moooore money in his royalties but his money is going only in drugs? So he's make music for drugs."
"Sorry but everybody is thinking it, YG."
"I was thinking of YG's Artists and stuff :3 SM's artists ain't that stupid to destroy there reputation to have some fun :P"
"No doubt this type of s*** will be coming from YG!!!"
From all the vague information that has been presented in articles so far, all this hate is being directed at GD. Even putting aside my VIP bias, this is just completely wrong. Regardless of whether or not this ends up being a temporary rumor, it still affects the idol and unless concrete evidence is presented, no one can be blamed.
In addition Super Junior, EXO, F.T. Island, CNBLUE and T-ARA were all supposedly traveling on that same day and members from those groups are also being bashed.
I'm tired of all these fan wars and rumors...but I guess there'll always be...
I actually saw this article earlier today and was debating on how I feel and whether or not to post about it. I am obviously annoyed+ more at the fact that 'The Fact' used the figure image of GD oppa as the pic for the 'hallyu idol'. Even more I know that GD has had some troubles surrounding weed but cocaine is by far a heavier drug and I don't think GD oppa would be 'stupid' enough to use cocaine. I think it is wrong on 'The Fact' for them to use an image everyone would recognize and then turn around and say no names. They might as well have said the company and the artist name. To make matters worse Big Bang is in the middle of making these monthly comebacks as I like to call them and as a fan of their music I would be heavily disappointed if it is true that GD is being under investigation for this. On a side note as a VIP I'm rooting for Big Bang and their upcoming July comeback. No matter what their songs are amazing and will continue to slay the charts every month until the full album comes out in September and will slay even more!!!!!! VIP's fighting!!!!!
This is slander. Straight up, unflitered SLANDER. It could've been anyone in any one of those groups. Or the guy could've been uhm....er LYING like the majority of humans do when we get caught. But why single out GD? Because he's practically media fodder.....they'll get the attention they want for "breaking the story". And we, the public, will eat it up because we're big dumb animals and the majority of us wanna see a fall from grace when we see someone doing as well as BIGBANG and YG Ent are.
I also started watching Roommates for Bom unnie @MattK95 and @poojas lol. It was hard for me when she left she is such an interesting character to relate to and GD oppa has been through so much all ready. When will everyone grow up and let past mistakes and misunderstandings not carry into the future. It is one thing to be guilty of something you are accused of doing but if it was a misunderstanding or a mistake ppl should apologize for putting you in the spot unnecessarily and get over it.
@poojas OMG YAAAAAAS!!!! I watched roomate for Bommie too, and that's also when I started to like Nana and Chanyeol, and Lee So Ra as well XD oh and Mama Shin (Ok lets be honest they were all pretty cool XD), I stopped watching when Bom left though, it just wasn't as fun anymore
@MattK95 No one missed a chance to bring down a successful idol, do they? And omg, Park Bom is such a sweetheart (I watched Roommate just for her). People will bring down idols as much as they can if they get the smallest chance. The sad reality is these people are actually K-pop fans...just really misguided and hateful ones. UGH.
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