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Don't you just love when idol rumors spread like wildfire? I know I don't.
Today, June 26th, a local Korean news website, The Fact has reported that a K-Pop idol is currently under suspicion of using drugs.
Nothing too surprising, right? This has happened before. Some rumors turned out to be true, other's didn't.
As of now, they've arrested a "Mr. A" who has apparently been using cocaine with several idol group members. And the arrest happened at the Incheon International Airport on June 22nd.
Who else was at Incheon International Airport that day?
Yep, Big Bang.
While this clearly says nothing about whether or not the suspected idol(s) are Big Bang members (since only a mysterious agency staff was arrested), news reporters obviously started to point fingers.
The Fact used a picture of G-Dragon in their breaking news coverage of this event. It seems that The Fact has since taken down the image. But the damage is done.
Way to state "facts"...The Fact!
The top-level Hallyu star from a large entertainment agency suspected of drug use is now rumored to be G-Dragon. And he is being bashed in the comment sections of these articles (and there NO real hints about who this suspected idol could be)...
"He makes moooore money in his royalties but his money is going only in drugs? So he's make music for drugs."
"Sorry but everybody is thinking it, YG."
"I was thinking of YG's Artists and stuff :3 SM's artists ain't that stupid to destroy there reputation to have some fun :P"
"No doubt this type of s*** will be coming from YG!!!"
From all the vague information that has been presented in articles so far, all this hate is being directed at GD. Even putting aside my VIP bias, this is just completely wrong. Regardless of whether or not this ends up being a temporary rumor, it still affects the idol and unless concrete evidence is presented, no one can be blamed.
In addition Super Junior, EXO, F.T. Island, CNBLUE and T-ARA were all supposedly traveling on that same day and members from those groups are also being bashed.
I'm tired of all these fan wars and rumors...but I guess there'll always be...
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oh my gooooodddd!!!! I hate rumors...
it's normal, celebrities are often judged harshly by the public, doesn't make it right though, anyway shows how much bigger a star he is, right? I mean he's G dragon, so much love for you GD
This is so upsetting. poor gd. he always gets the short end of the stick when B's like this happens.
G is to kind hearted to ever do anything like that the show maybe called the fact but they don't have have them
I've been into kpop too much, whenever I see a rumour or a scandal...I literally cringe! LITERALLY