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I scratch at the ice, willing it to shatter and rush the air back into my lungs. I tear at my throat and try to hear the scream, hear anything, but the water takes my voice away. Silence.
I hear only silence. A quiet so deep it forces my eyelids down with a gentle, cool touch, demanding sleep. It makes sense. The quiet, the darkness, my own lullaby singing me into a much needed slumber. It has been so long since I have felt this calm, this peaceful.
Eyes closed I only just register the cool ice, pressed up to my back as if flipping to the cool side of the pillow. At last I breathe in, feel the ice cool my burning throat and I can't imagine why I wanted to leave this solitude. The most comfortable bed in the world now floats me deeper into the dark cold.
All at once, my perfect night is shattered. Warm, sticky air is rushed into my ice lunges, more unwanted lips invading my space. My water is regurgitated back, painting the snow yellow with the wretched cries of "she is breathing" dripping into my subconscious. Too warm blankets are thrown across my bare shoulders. Water like shards of ice forces itself up my throat and I am screaming, clawing the cracks of ice, begging it take me back down to my watery bedroom, for my watery grave to take me back, I don't want to be here.
Take me back, I want to sleep.
As an unfortunate 20-something that barely knows how to swim and is also DEATHLY afraid of the ocean, this was terrifying to read. That being said, I enjoyed it! haha
I too am scared of vast masses of water. I have a thing against water on my body so I bathe just because I have to. This is one creepy story for me too but I enjoyed it!
Well done! always was worried about going under ice. Confirmed my fear
@VinMcCarthy thanks so much! i appreciate the pun lol I'm usually so bad at those. and i hope you never experience being stuck under a lake thats for sure. its was never a big fear of mine....but after writing this i think it is now lol
not to be punny, but this was chilling. I've never experienced this before, but reading this felt like exactly the way drowning under a frozen lake would feel, or should feel. well done. I particularly like the line "A quiet so deep it forces my eyelids down with a gentle, cool touch, demanding sleep."
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