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Your Cooking Emergencies – Solved!
You know when you're 20 minutes into a recipe and up to your elbows in flour, when you suddenly realize – doh! – you're missing a very key ingredient. And running out to the store just isn't an option. Panic begins to set in... but now there's a solution! Keep this handy dandy list around for all your ingredient substitution emergencies. It's got everything from butter to molasses, ketchup to sour cream. Scroll through below and be amazed!
Found on AllRecipes, and reproduced here for easy reference. Have you tried any of these substitutions – successfully or otherwise? Some of them sound great for making recipes healthier, like replacing butter or other baking fats with applesauce. I'd love to try their clever replacement for crème fraîche, since I love French food but always struggle to find the right ingredients. If you've got any more useful substitutions to add to the list, I'd love to hear about them! Happy subbing, everyone :)
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I've run into this problem when cooking for vegns- no eggs! I've used Chia seeds instead, they help hold things together the same way eggs do.
That's so fascinating, @shannonl5! I never knew that chia seeds had that property. I've made another card about vegan substitutions for egg washes (you know, for glazing pastry dough before baking) which you might find helpful: https://www.vingle.net/posts/896070-Pastry-Chefs-Listen-Up-Vegan-Replacements-for-Egg-Wash
Thanks @allischaaff that is super helpful! Yeah, Chia seeds expand and turn a little gelatinous in water. They're a great thickener.