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How awesome are these shorts? So today, in DIY fashion, I'm going to show exactly how to make these unique and super cool two-toned shorts. This tutorial comes from a really cool blog called "Hey Wanderer."

Step 1 — get the shorts

Head out to a local thrift store or clothing store and purchase a pair or high-waisted denim shorts. They can be either hemmed or cut-offs — if they are hemmed, just snip off the hem before bleaching them.

Step 2 — prepare the bleach and dip the shorts

So, here is the thing I have learned the long way about bleach. It will stain and ruin everything if you aren't super careful! Make sure to wear protection (gloves) for your hands when using bleach, and wear clothes that you don't care about at all. Make a solution of 1/2 bleach and 1/2 water. Make just enough to have room for the shorts to sit in the solution.
Dip the shorts about halfway into the bleach solution and let them sit there for 20-30 minutes (or until the shorts are the desired wash). You can use clothespins to pin the top of the shorts so that the entire pair of shorts doesn't fall into the solution.

Step 3 — Dry the shorts

Once you are happy with the lighter color of the shorts, remove the shorts from the bleach solution and hang up to dry. After the shorts have dried a little bit, you can put them in the dryer on low heat until they are fully dried. Once the shorts are dried, stick them in the washing machine (by themselves) and wash them. You don't want them to smell like bleach. Dry the shorts again after you have washed them.

Step 4 — wear the shorts or add designs

After you dry the shorts for a second time, you are done with the two-toned dyeing process. You can draw designs on them (with a fabric marker) or dye them another color and make three-toned shorts. It's totally up to you!

Walk just like the Queen Bey in your new shorts!