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It's not so often that the music world is so thoroughly sold on an artist after just one record.
Leon Bridges is here to change that.
The Fort Worth, Texas born gospel/neo-soul artist is making waves around blogs and radio stations alike with his recent release of "Coming Home". And for good reason: the album is great, and will make you recall the OGs of soul in the '50s and '60s. While calling him the heir to the empty throne left by Sam Cooke (not that it really needs filling...Cooke's music is timeless) may be a bit presumptuous, the reality is that this album is great, and Leon Bridges is a name you should know.
But then again, Bridges' voice has that same dreamy quality that Cooke's does. Above, hear a live version of the title track, which is the one that's really making the rounds on the radio. He doesn't do too much, which is a very very good thing; he lets his voice take over. It's his best asset, and he knows it.

This guy is going to be big

"River" is my favorite song off the album, and this is a picture-perfect performance of it. He looks like such a kid (granted, he's only 25) - but there's something else he's got in common with Cooke: at such a young age, he seems to have such a mature handle on his music.
Leon Bridges isn't almost there; he is there. "Coming Home" announces his presence in a soft, soulful way - the only way he knows how.
“Coming Home” is going to be my wedding song. I’ve already decided and my future husband is going to have to deal with it. Or maybe I’ll just marry Leon Bridges? ...can you tell I love this man?
Yeah, I like that a lot. It definitely contemporizes that voice. I feel like straight-forward songs just really aren't as 'in vogue' anymore.
@danidee you're totally right. The comparisons are definitely meant to be drawn with regard to the qualities of the sound. Bridges' writing seems to be a bit more cryptic - pretty much all of Sam Cooke's songs are super straight forward and often rhyming
@paulisaverage hell yeah! Can definitely be used as a soothing agent hahah
@paulisaverage I know you love Sam Cooke, check this out!
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